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Meet Guzz!

Michael “Guzz” Guzzardo has been piercing at Zealous Art Studio & Tattoo since July 2018 and he loves every moment of it. Every piercing is unique to Guzz and he enjoys the entire process, from experimenting with placement to sharing advice with clients about proper care for their new piercings.

His favorite piercing to do is the nostril because it’s a fun way to accentuate the face. Piercings can be a special way to help people feel more confident. Sometimes, piercings can even help people embrace their insecurities.

Guzz is fearless when it comes to piercing because, to quote him directly, “Fear is for the weak.” He has multiple piercings, and has actually done several of his own. He’s already pierced his own tragus and ear lobes, and wants to try piercing his cartilage next. His sense of humor and confidence in what he does will put you at ease no matter what you are having pierced.

To calm nervous clients, he likes to use chill playlists and encourages them to take deep breaths. He hasn’t yet had a client pass out or cry from pain, but this one time, a client’s baby threw up on his shoe. And that’s not even his craziest story.

When Guzz isn’t piercing at Zealous, you can find him bartending at Cannova's in Freeport. He is also a passionate dog owner and has two dogs named Rey and Simba. When he’s not at work, he is probably playing games on his phone or on his Nintendo DS.

To make an appointment with Piercings by Guzz:

· Text or call 815-291-6274

· DM Piercings by Guzz on Instagram

Follow Piercings by Guzz on social media to see examples of his work:


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