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Meet Josh!

Josh Elliott is a tattoo artist at Zealous Art Studio & Tattoo, the business he co-founded with his wife, Jaime. He is also the owner and operator of Elliott Graphix, a successful custom screen printing business housed under the same roof as Zealous.

Art has been a source of passion in his life for as long as he can remember. His art is as varied and unique as the people he’s met through his work. One look at the fascinating art in his workspace will give you an idea of his journey.

Josh has been tattooing and fine-tuning his craft for nearly 20 years. He started out as an apprentice at several tattoo shops in Freeport, where he helped with cleaning around the shop and practiced drawing. The most valuable thing he learned from his apprenticeships was how to work with different skin tones. Knowing how certain inks will look on various skin tones is a skill he uses to this day.

Vibrant colors are his specialty, but Josh is a truly versatile tattoo artist. His style can be described as soft traditional, but even that is an oversimplification. Josh has done everything from colorful flowers and ornamental pieces to black work and traditional tattoos. If you can dream it, Josh can tattoo it.

His favorite style is American traditional, and he particularly enjoys working with bold lines and bright colors. Tribal animals, vibrant flowers, galaxy tattoos, life-like tigers, and an Alice in Wonderland sleeve are just a few examples of his varied work.

Josh is a multi-talented artist so when he’s not tattooing, you can find him designing custom graphics for clients at Elliott Graphix or making pottery with his children. He is also an active board member for the Greater Freeport Partnership, an organization designed to help grow local businesses and promote tourism in Freeport and Stephenson County.

To make an appointment with Josh:

· Call Zealous Art Studio & Tattoo at 815-616-5230

Follow Josh on social media to see examples of his work here


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