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Meet DAn!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Dan “Junior” Murley is a full-time tattooer and the youngest artist at Zealous Art Studio & Tattoo. His interest in tattooing developed in high school, and in 2016, he was granted an apprenticeship at Zealous and has been tattooing full-time ever since.

Junior is drawn to the social culture of tattooing and loves meeting interesting people through his work. Laughter is often heard in Junior’s workspace because your experience of getting tattooed is just as important to him as the final art piece. He’s even been known to barter with his clients instead of receiving tips, which means he’ll always have a wild new story to share with you.

Bold lines are a feature of his style, but he also does a lot of black work as well as tattoos with bright splashes of color. Junior’s favorite styles to tattoo are Traditional Americana and Traditional Japanese. So far, he’s done everything from vibrant flowers and women’s faces to Vikings and rocket ships.

For Junior, tattooing is the perfect way to create and preserve art. He finds the greatest inspiration in his parents because they’ve helped him through everything.

While he has nearly 50 tattoos already, he thinks it would be fun to get a full Japanese body suit if he had the space. When Junior isn't tattooing you can usually catch him drawing, gaming, or snagging an ice cold beer.

To make an appointment with Junior:

· Call Zealous Art Studio & Tattoo at 815-616-5230

· DM him on Instagram

Follow Junior on social media to see examples of his work:



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