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Meet Chrisonna!

Chrisonna Jessen has been a tattoo apprentice at Zealous Art Studio & Tattoo since November 2017, and began taking appointments in August 2018. Chrisonna’s artistic passions started with animated art, and since high school she’s dreamt of becoming a tattoo artist. Over the years, her interests have evolved to include many artistic pursuits including jewelry making, painting, and of course, tattooing.

If you are drawn to traditional tattoos, but want to incorporate a unique twist, choose Chrisonna for your next art piece. Her specialty is feminine pieces with delicate lines as well as unexpected pops of color. Chrisonna’s work is especially inspired by natural elements such as crystals and flowers. Her passion for precision and detail will ensure your tattoo is something truly special.

Her favorite styles of tattooing are traditional and Kawaii, which is art inspired by Japanese cuteness culture. Her ideal tattoo would be an anime sleeve, but truly, just being covered in tattoos would make her happy.

As an apprentice, Chrisonna gets a behind-the-scenes look at the daily operations of the studio, and helps out with phone calls and cleaning. Being an apprentice also comes with unique challenges. Navigating the shift in mediums, from paper to skin, has been the biggest adjustment for her. She says that being patient and willing to practice have been crucial throughout her training.

When Chrisonna is not at Zealous, you can find her relaxing with her husband Eric and her son Jameson. Since she is a multi-talented artist, she might be doing something creative like painting or drawing. Chrisonna also makes jewelry under the name and Instagram account, Crescent Crystal Creations. Her jewelry is available for purchase at Zealous Art Studio & Tattoo.

To make an appointment with Chrisonna:

· Call Zealous Art Studio & Tattoo at 815-616-5230

· DM her on Instagram

Follow Chrisonna on social media to see examples of her work:




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